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Mobile and Web developer

I have always been tenacious looking to learn new things getting my hands dirty with new and emerging technologies. With the invention of iPhone and smartphones, I decided to learn software development I started with HTML made my way up the ladder to mobile development with iOS and Android. with the boom of online course and learning options I started taking the online course from Udacity, Udemy, EDX, Coursera and of course good old Youtube. once I decided I wanted to do iOS development using Swift which enabled me to work on a couple of my own projects one of which was a weather app currently on the App store.

  • HTML / CSS

    Learned it as a very first programing language


    Needed this to make my html look good.

  • Objective-C

    Learned it for fun

  • Swift

    Pure passion

Apps and Projects

Forecasting an elegant weather app from coding to UI design